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[Requires Oculus VR and Xbox game controller]

"Welcome aboard cadet, prepare to begin exploration mission."

Fly a spaceship around an abandoned futuristic city and look for clues in order to figure out what happened to it's citizens.

Sky City VR was developed by a team of SideFX game tech interns to showcase how Houdini can be used to procedurally build content for VR experiences. The game was developed over the course of seven months using Houdini, Houdini Engine, Unreal Engine 4, and Oculus DK2.

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Published343 days ago
Tags3D, Exploration, flying, Futuristic, houdini, houdini-engine, Oculus Rift, Sci-fi, unreal-engine, vr
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

[Requires Oculus VR and Xbox game controller]

Download and extract the zip file, make sure Oculus is plugged in, launch "SkyCityVR.exe".


Sky City VR (594 MB)